Monday, 14 October 2013

Interview With Astro Duo

We understand you are from the Sirius star system, what is life like there?

Sirius is a binary Star system, we have 2 suns and our planet is much smaller than yours. In our culture we have no restrictions on our development, and have a greater understanding of Sound waves and their healing effects.

Tell us more about this Time, reality, oscillating internal navigational knowledge you possess, what is it and can we humans access it?

Troink is a craft that takes physical form once charged with sound waves. It is a super conductive magnet that opens inner pathways to outer space between the physical and non-physical worlds.

It’s also an ancient Universal Knowledge that all sentient beings possess within themselves, which is accessed directly though Sound waves.

You believe there is a controlling element within the population who seek to restrict the understanding of Sound Waves and their effect on Humans, who is behind this? And how do you intend to liberate us?

It’s uncertain if any physical entities are behind this, but its clear humans are restricted on many levels, although most do not realise.

Only the Individual human creator can achieve his or her own liberation.
Using sound system technology, we can create an Audio environment, enabling humans to unlock their own sacred geometry.
Reactivating the inner magnetic connection between physical and non physical so we may understand ourselves.

How do you find life here on Earth?
We like the people here - they are very powerful, creative beings in amnesia, forgetting they are the true creator of their own understanding. This means natural behaviour patterns are suppressed, and overrides their sense of being.

You say you have to remain anonymous, why?

Due too the sensitivity of this awaking potential, there is a risk of certain individuals wishing to prevent the exposure of the inner workings of reality. We want to minimise distraction from our physical presents.

How far have you progressed in your mission and what obstacles remain for you to overcome?

Our mission has only just begun, Building Sonic Pillars of Bass For Future Structures. We don’t recognize any obstacles; that’s a
Human constraint. We are all the self-manifestation of our own imagination.

The TROINK EP by Astro Duo is out on the 24th october, check out the video below:

Astro Duo - Troink on MUZU.TV.

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