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Sub Slayers 20, Interview with Jay Cunning, promo mix and a free tune

Sub Slayers has had phenomenal success since you set the label up in 2009 , what do you put that down to in your own personal opinion?
Its definitely down to a few different factors of which the main one was simply due to a gap in the market; Breakbeat was getting creatively tired and the leap for some to Dubstep or Electro House just wasn’t an option so it was clear when I started playing tunes like Noisias remix of The Prodigys ‘Omen’ on my Kiss show and in gigs that a new direction was much needed.  From there it was all down to me and the artists to produce music that would help push the scene forward using elements we loved from back in the day to create something fresh and forward thinking.  

On a personal level I looked at Sub Slayers a lot differently to Menu Music which I ran with Terry Hooligan.  For me the label had to portray an image, it needed to represent a way of life and a new level for British music.

What elements do you look for when it comes to signing a new track or artist to the label?
When I hear something that’s right then quite simply it’s right!  I work with all the artists on each release very closely, some tracks I have minimal input in, some I have so much it changes the dynamic completely – either way I know when it’s got that Sub Slayers sound.

You also have a weekly show, Fridays , 5-7pm on http://www.koollondon.com/ , what has the reception been like to your show?
Fucking awesome. Next!
Seriously though taking to the airwaves has been a huge personal win for me as I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed the radio and with King Yoof in the hot seat as well the shows firing on all cylinders.   We get regular calls from legends in Jungle calling up asking for rewinds and to get sent the tunes – the response has been far bigger than we anticipated and we haven’t even been on air for a year!

Not wishing to put you on the spot but we have to ask, what’s been your favourite release on Sub Slayers so far?
It’s like asking which of my children is the favourite!
Well all of the releases have meant so much to me as so much work goes into each one and as we’ve pushed the musical boundaries each release can take credit for having its own impact.   There are however some important landmarks for me:
SLAYER001 – The first release was by High Rankin, it’s great to see him go on and do so well.
SLAYER010 – Ellis Dee has been an iconic DJ inspiration for me since 1991 and to have him on the label is a true honour.
SLAYER015 – King Yoofs International Hi-FI EP is our biggest seller to date and a year on its still selling!

And which dubs don’t leave the DJ box of Jay Cunning right now?
Seriously there are so many right now – I’ve got the next 8 releases ready to go which equates to about 40 tracks so I’ll try pick out a few:
King Yoof – Back 2 hackney (Jay Cunning & Toronto Is Broken remix) [Sub Slayers dub] – Naughty Big.
Schema – Le Brocqout (601 Remix) [Sub Slayers dub] – Quite possibly the best thing 601 have ever done.
High Rankin – You Got It [Sub Slayers dub] – Ranking goes all 160 BPM amen madness on us.
Skanx aka 6BLOCC – Afrika [Sub Slayers dub] – First release from new signing 6BLOCC, Los Angeles finest.

Sub Slayers 20 is out now, what can you tell us about that?
This is a little different to the norm for us but is a taste of things to come.  New signing Black & White teams up with Angie Brown to produce one monster club banger – I really couldn’t put this into a specific  genre and that’s what excites me so much about this release and with a Toronto Is Broken DnB remix it’s gonna blow!  If that aint enough there’s a killer Future Jungle track called ‘2Bad 2Rude’ with a dirty fucked up remix from Jersey boys Schema.

We also hear talk of an album in the pipelines, is this true? And if so, can you divulge? Perhaps a few hints as to what to expect?
Yes, No, Maybe (soon)

And finally, any last words, big ups, shout outs and plugs you want to give?
There’s so much love to give for what is just the start of this musical journey for us. For everyone that’s bought our music or supported us in the club we just couldn’t do this without you.  For all the artists, musicians, vocalists and MCs your creative forward thinking and helped shape a directing in British dance music (might start a new BDM trend?!?).  For everyone that I’ve worked with remember this is just start.  Last and by no means least a shout to Hugo who started with us as label assistant and has been doing a sterling job!
Sub Slayers aint fuckin’ about in 2013!

Sub Slayers 20th release
Black & White - Get Ya Hands Up
Release Date: December 2012
Black & White ft. Angie Brown - Get Your Hands up (Bass Mix)
Black & White ft Angie Brown - Get Your Hands up (Toronto Is Broken Remix)
Black & White - 2Bad 2Rude
Black & White - 2Bad 2Rude (Schema Remix)
Black & White maybe a newcomer to the label but under his Al Storm moniker he’s no stranger to the music scene.
First up is ‘Get Your Hands Up’ featuring the vocal talents of the legendary Angie Brown – let me tell you this is a bass driven club banger! Stepping up for remix duties is Toronto Is Broken who delivers an infectious slice of Drum N bass high velocity goodness!
2Bad 2Rude is a Future Jungle anthem that’s been tried and testing by Slayers honcho Jay Cunning. Flip side see’s Schema deliver a monster Dubstep remix.
4 bangers for all corners of the underground club scene.
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Far Out (Black & White's Re-Rub) by Sub Slayers

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