Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Deep In The Underground Show 19.1.13

Harmonee & X Static-The Rolla(Piano Junkies Remix)
YDL-Still Hot (The Rumblist Remix)
Mastergroove-Highland Dreamz
Abyss -Rushing Feeling
Justice & Mercy-Soothe My Soul (Rykennon 2013 Remake)
Resin -I Ain't Gonna Wait No More
DJ Shadow -6 Days (CuRiouS? Rmx)
D Audi -Take The Dancefloor
Final Conflict-Lost In The Rave
The Flashback Project -Finest Illusion
Auntie Susan-Trip To The Darkside
Jim Polo & Neil Vass -Rollin Energy (Strange Rollers 2013 Remix)
Ryo-Sands Of Time
Borderline Jack-Influence
Boogie Times Tribe-The Dark Stranger(Simon Harris 2013 Remix)
De'lacy Vs Kambelt-Hideaway (Happy Vibe Remix)
DJ Nicky Allen-Do What You Feel
The Prodigy-Full Throttle (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
Amiga Junglizm-Night Shift
Pursuit-Deep Bass
DJ Vibes-Music So Wonderfu(FX Twilight Zone VIP)
Newkoncept Vs Origin Unknown-Valley Of The Shadows VIP

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