Wednesday, 2 January 2013

3 Decades Of Breakbeat Hardcore: The 90's,00's and Nowties Pt 2

DJ Jedi -Bad Meaning Good  
Interface-What The Heck  
Ruff Rider-Dance Mutha
Nicky Allen-Brothers & Sisters  
ske-Full Moon
Yolk-Music 4 Da People (Kambelt's Relick)
Nasty Habits -Dark Angel (Kambelt Relick)  
Liquid Aliens -Are You Sure Well Be Ok?
TripleXL-Dreamscape II
Kambelt Vs Bennie D-Jonny's Theme
Sub Nation-Scottie( id1981 Remix)
Remnant -Outer Bass
Exit Point Vs Paul Cronin-The Breakdown
DJ Dossa-Choices
Mastergroove -Cold Fresh Air
DJ Nexus -Important Sound (Remix)
DJ Nexus-Behold
DJ Nexus -Loads A Hardcore
DJ Nexus -Via Cov (Half Hour At Kenilworth Mix)
Simon Harris-Borrowed Illusion (Chipmunk Haters Mix)
Anthony D-Funky Beat
Out Of Order-Right Guard
Ellis D, Krome & Time -Free The Feeling (Original Mix)
Two Dark Troopers-Darkcore
Out Of Order-Stung
Anthony D-Ya Can't Play Base
Mindtransit Ft Syntonics-Nobody But You (Simon Harris Smd Remix)
Jdubz-Dub Plate Style C'mon
DJ Fav-Here Come The Drumz (2006 Remix)
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer-Ganga Man (Original Mix)  
DJ Fuzzbuzz-Mr Amen
The Dok-Strings Of Life 94
Poosie & Cru L T-Knite In Paradise (Sublove Remix)
Yell O Phase-RushEr

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