Saturday, 5 October 2013

Interview with ESP, 36hertz Recordings

You have a tune out on 36hertz Recordings ‘Spread Love’ which is on the 140 rave tip and for a long time you have been a ‘behind the scenes’ man involved in a myriad of productions, how did this journey begin?

I grew up listening to everything from Motown to film soundtracks, Jazz and military music. I grew up in a small town but within trekking distance was the club Milwaukee's where the top rave DJ's could be found week in, week out. The first time I went I was mesmerised and fell in love with everything, not just the music but the atmosphere and the environment. After a wayward youth I settled down and decided I wanted to be more than a listener, I wanted to create too.

We understand you started out DJ’ing then moved into production, can you tell us a bit more about that?

I started DJing in the late 90s and then after a couple of years I decided to try my hand at producing and quickly discovered I enjoyed making sounds, more than actually making full tracks.. I focused on sound design and starting creating sample packs, at first they were given away free but then I signed to a leading sample provider and did content for them. I still have products out at the moment through them but I provide content for Studio Sounds now,

So, what made you move away from producing sample packs?

Whilst the money was ok from them, I needed to focus on earning a regular full time wage. Being the computer geek I am, I moved into Web Design which I do now as a 9-5, and it was then that I created a site for 36 Hertz Recordings, and now I have a track signed by them. The lord does move in mysterious ways it seems!

Now I feel in a position to be able to make full tracks again and get them heard by the right people. I have been involved 'behind the scenes' with many labels and producers over the years and been burnt often, maybe that was a good thing though as since then they have all pretty much been visited by Karma! 36 Hertz Recordings is a well established label and I am proud to get a release on a label that has graced so many great artists.

Will you be mainly producing in the 140 style for now?

For the short term, yes there will be more 140bpm bits from me, but I'm also upping the tempo slightly to the more Jungle friendly 150s as well and see where that takes me.

Do you still do any DJ’ing?

I love mixing and push out studio mixes from time to time, not as often as I would like. In the future I may look to do more but for now I am happy with producing

Any last words and shout outs?

Yeah, a massive bigup to Vapour, Indigo Virus and the 36 Hertz Recordings crew and love to the wife and kids haha! I say that as they get driven round the bend by my music but without them it wouldn't be possible. Kids are a great track test, if they start wiggling you're onto a winner haha!

'Spread Love' by ESP is out now, you can buy it here

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