Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Serial Killaz-Dutty Sound EP-Sub Slayers+Exclusive Serial Killaz Interview For Future Jungle Blog

What led you into the world of music production?

A mutual love of music, especially Jungle and Drum & Bass. Although we only met ten years ago, We were both ravers and had been clubbing since the early 90's and like most people of the time, we wanted to become DJ's. We bought decks and collected records and would play at little local parties, trying to make a name for ourselves. After doing this for years, the next logical step was to try our hands at production. Graham started building a studio with a friend and I was already making music with my best friend at the time and had tracks released on various labels such as Back 2 Basics and Creative Wax. It wasn't until years later that a mutual friend introduced me and Graham to each other and we decided to pencil in a studio session together. So a few weeks later we hooked up, made a track, and didn't really give it much more thought. It sat on our computers for a while until I decided to send it to two of old friends of mine for a bit of feedback, those friends were Nicky Blackmarket and DJ Hype. I didn't hear back from them, until one day, about four weeks later, Nicky rung me and was very enthusiastic about the tune, and told me that he was playing it our regularly and that it was getting a really good reaction from the crowds. Around the same time, Hype also finally rung me with the same words of encouragement and so we decided to make it a regular thing. We made a few more tracks, hastily decided on a name, and the rest, as they say, is history.

How did you get involved with Sub Slayers?

We were just sending tracks out to DJ's as we always do and a producer we know, called Gold, who was already signed to Sub Slayers, sent a couple of our tracks to Jay at Sub Slayers as he thought he might like them. He obviously did, as he contacted us and asked us if he could sign a couple of them, which led to us completing the Dutty Sound EP for him.

Sub Slayers 26: Serial Killaz 'Dutty Sound EP' by Sub Slayers

And what inspired you to drop down the tempo for this new EP?

I guess it came from the kind of music we were listening to at the time, artists like Redlight, Toddla T, Major Lazer and the like were all making great music at a slower tempo to Drum & Bass and so in between sessions we would experiment with different tempos and slowly but surely these sketches blossomed into the four tracks that make up the EP.

Any last words, shout outs and big ups?

We say a massive big up to all our fans that buy our music and come to see us play at our shows, without you all our hard work would be for nothing. We must also shout out all the DJ's that support us by playing our tracks all over the world.

Lastly, we gotta big up Jay at Sub Slayers whom without this EP might not have seen the light of day. Big up mate!

The 'Dutty Sound EP is Out Now, get it from: 


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