Sunday, 20 May 2012

Omni Trio-Feel Good (Dj Beady Remix) FREE DL

Hot on the heels of his great remix of Red Alert & Mike Slammer 'In Effect', DJ Beady offers up this exceptionally good remix of Omni Trio 'Feel Good' in a 140 breaks style, this ones just made for a sweaty dim lit dancefloor illuminated by lasers and glowsticks and a wall of noise created by horns and whistles, allow yourself to be transported back to that golden era of rave music whether you call it hardcore or jungle, if you were either raving or like me, listening to the tapes in your bedroom back in 93 you will love this remix for the future jungle generation, big ups to DJ Beady, grab yourself a copy quick and show some love Omni Trio-Feel Good (Dj Beady Remix) by dj_beady

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