Sunday, 13 May 2012

Paranoid Recordings Vol 6 Minimix

Get ready for Paranoid recordings vol 6 by having a listen to this taster minimix, those fine people at Paranoid just keep getting better and better and this is in my humble opinion the best album so far in the series, every tune on here is a killer, showing the spectrum and varied tempos of hardcore breaks to the 92 style full on hands in the air piano anthem that is RIC 'Flipped'to the tearout stomper JMT 'relax' through to DJ Pursuit's 'Rekindled', a late 92 DJ Seduction style anthem and the excellent offering by Simon Harris 'Serve And Protect', 14 tracks in total, all bangers featuring the likes of Strange Rollers, Dazz F and Renegade Genius to name a few, get your pre orders in to to avoid disappointment, you do not want to miss this, trust!!!!!

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