Tuesday, 29 May 2012


140 Jungle Breaks meets original old skool Jungle classics meets old skool Hip Hop in this epic melting pot of 1st class mixing & scratching. TRANS4MERS - THE FINISHED ARTICLE MIX by TRANS4MERS Check out this great write up by New urban Era on this wicked set http://soundcloudmusicreviews.com/2012/02/24/trans4mers-the-finished-article-mix-2012 War Hammer Intro By Trans4mers Vs John Hurt 1 This Year’s Champion By 601 2 Erics Fix By Rennie Pilgrim 3 MindscapeBuy By Racknruin 4 Spell Bound By Ways N Means 5 Headrush By Bill Vega 6 Devils Altar – Trans4mers Remix By Insa 7 3rd Generation – Trans4mers 007 Remix By Slipmat & Ragga Twins 8 Over YouBuy By The Freestylers 9 Scaramanger Skitt By Trans4mers 10 Terrodome By Ray Kieth 11 The Chopper By Ray Kieth 12 The Soldier By Ray Keith 13 Sing Time By Ray Keith 14 Zombie Radio Skitt By Trans4mers 15 Ghost Town By Ed Solo & Deekline 16 Its The Way – Trans4mers Remix By Taktix 17 Special Dedication By Dj Nut Nut

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