Wednesday, 9 May 2012

R.A.T.E.Digital Launch Show on

Great set by Ruined Jon from Mayday on, if you haven't bought your copy of the 'Foundations EP' on R.A.T.E digital, you really are missing out, more details below on where you can buy it............. R.A.T.E.Digital Launch Show on by Ruined Jon Tracklisting 1) The Predator - Gav Ley (R.A.T.E.Digital) 2) Poltergeist - Lethal (Anomaly) 3) 8Bits (Kid Chameleon remix) - Manu Twister (Definition:Breaks) 4) Minimal Skank - Gav Ley (R.A.T.E.Digital) 5) Scottie (King Yoofs 2012 remix) - SubNation (Subslayers free download) 6) Real Man Ting - Rich Tones (R.A.T.E.Digital) 7) Tear It Down - Visible Sounds (Quantum Progression Audio) 8) Amen Origins - Project Bassline (zentek) 9) The Predator (RyKennon remix) - Gav Ley (R.A.T.E.Digital) 10) Early Again - Logistics (Hospital) 11) Rush Over Me (Lucas remix) - Bay B Kane (Top Drawer Digital free download) 12) Take you (Doorly remix) - AC Slater (Trouble and Bass) 13) London Sound - Radiokillaz (Radiokillaz) 14) Big Bang - Electrux (Definition:Breaks) 15) Fight Night - Gav Ley (R.A.T.E.Digital free download) The Foundations EP featuring all the RATED tracks I played is available from

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