Monday, 25 June 2012

JDUBZ & MIKEY G... I Want You Baby ( Moonlight Mix )

Its a dull Monday and I thought I would inject some life into it by sharing some treats from my recent soundcloud scourge, here's one of them. A simply amazing track by J Dubz and Mikey G. A 92' style piano hardcore anthem that very skillfuly uses a piece of classical piano which is instantly recognisable but I don't have a track ID for it!!! I do know it was used in a huge DnB anthem back in the day too but without digressing too far, this really is a great tune, it will blow those Monday blues away for sure, there's even a nice use of the drum pattern of the KLAM remix of 'Don't Go' by Awesome 3 complete with the spinbacks. I really hope a label snaps up this track so we can all go and buy it but listen to the clip and enjoy for now........ JDUBZ & MIKEY G... I Want You Baby ( Moonlight Mix ) by J.DUBZ

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