Monday, 25 June 2012

Lucas - Look At The Light - Top Drawer Digital

Top Drawer Digital Presents :
Lucas - Look At The Light

Original Mix :

Vinyl Junkie Remix:

Full Spektrum Remix:

With Look At The Light,Lucas shows us the darkness.
A Deep,Atmospheric,Progressive J-Tek Track that builds with subtle breaks and then explodes into a driving four to thefloor beast.
Vinyl Junkie keeps true to the original feel with his remix but hardens up the Breakbeats and lets loose Basslines that rip through the track with power to deliver a Future Jungle Roller for those of darker tastes.
Full Spektrum goes for a different approach and whilst keeping the dark vibes , smashes the original to pieces and comes at you with a refreshingly powerfull splintered break and bass frenzy.

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Radiokillaz : Great Work All Round 8/10
Tariq (Future Jungle Blog) : classic dark J tek roller for 2012 with 2 great remixes 10/10
Schema : Darkside! Defo feeling this one 10/10
Odeed & Wish : Vinyl Junkie remix is huge!Will support for sure
Mulder : 8/10
Miss Max : This is lush - will be playing for sure.
Gira : a good sound. powerful
Lex : 3 Wicked Versions 8/10
Jay Cunning : VJ remix is dark n naughty, reminds be of the 94 tango and ratty vibes - love it
Elektroshock : nice support! my fav track is vinyl junkie remix
Digitally Mashed : 3 quality mixes ...but my fave has to be Lucas's original mix
Torronto Is Broken : loving the groove to the full spektrum mix, and the vibes given off from the bassline on the Vinyl Junkie remix is class!
601 : Vinyl Junkie remix all the way
More Support from -
Aems,100Me,Alex Gold,Outrage,Andy F,VJ Air,John Grief,Tony Rocky Horror,Dazz F,Kidson,Generic Bass,Gaffer and Many More.

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