Wednesday, 20 June 2012

SixFootUnda - Can I Get a REWIND - An Exclusive Mix Available Only From Future Jungle Blog‏

We at the FJ blog would like to say big ups to DJ Sixfootunda of for giving us an exclusive free downloadable mix just for all you lovely readers of this blog, If you haven't already, make sure you buy yourself a copy of their new E,P 'Another Universe' by D Audi (details in previous post) and check out the website(link above) for their social networks and regular updates.
Download the mix for free here
01. Lucas - Antichrist
02. Richie K - Riddick 2008
03. Sanxion - The Casimir Effect (Can't Get Enough)
04. Vinyl Junkie - Shining Star (Original Mix)
05. Richie K - Doin Right
06. Meanstreak - Ruff & Tuff
07. Meanstreak - Rudeboy Biz
08. Rufige Kru - Terminator II
09. DJ Fuzzbuzz - On a Heian Ni Dan Tip
10. Curtis Vodka - I Feel 4 U (Lao in Startropics Remix)
11. Bay B Kane - Watch The Sun Rise (Original Mix)

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