Saturday, 15 December 2012

Deep In The Underground Nu Rave Radio Future Jungle USB Album Vol 2 Showcase Special 15.12.12

North Base Vs Degrees Of Motion-Shine On(140 Mix) (New State Music)
Tony Rocky Horror-Counter Culture (Woofer Cooker)
Sixfootunda-Justified Breaks (Retcon Recordings)
Sanxion-Waiting For You (Retcon Recordings)
Eddie Voyager-Hey Mr DJ (Retcon Recordings)
FleCK-Conquer (Retcon Recordings)
Meanstreak-Bad Boy Junglist (Retcon Recordings)
Lucas Ft Shippo-The Drums (Retcon Recordings)
Rich Tones-Indomitable Spirit (Retcon Recordings)
MrPhlyte-Gangsta Riddum (Retcon Recordings)
Radiokillaz-Pirate Anthem (Retcon Recordings)
Manion-Sunshine This Morning (Retcon Recordings)
Sound Shifter-Oh You (Retcon Recordings)
Generic Bass-Think About It (Retcon Recordings)
Curious-Rootz N Future (Retcon Recordings)
Junglord-Present Shift (Retcon Recordings)
Simon Harris-Control The Fear (Retcon Recordings)
Kid Chameleon-Bill Riddim (Retcon Recordings)
Breakz-All Junglists(Bass Heavy Mix) (Retcon Recordings)
Bad Habit Vs Strange Rollers-Dawn Of The Lotus (Retcon Recordings)
Ryo-White Place (Retcon Recordings)
B.O.D.A-Babylon Breaks (Retcon Recordings)
Strangenote & RyKennon-Dutty Stinkin (OBE Recordings)
Otter-For The Massif (Retcon Recordings)
Schoco-Why Waste Your Time (Retcon Recordings)
Vinyl Junkie-Electro Rays(Dom Almond Remix) (Warehouse Wax)
Gav Ley-Blackout (Retcon Recordings)
100me-Monsters (Retcon Recordings)
Bay B Kane-Crusadious (Retcon Recordings)
Visible Sound-Death Touch(Definition Breaks)

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Note: Tracks 1,2,23,26 & 30 are not part of the album

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