Monday, 5 November 2012

Bay B Kane -Future Destination : Exit 2

Top Drawer Digital Presents : TDDR029 - Bay B Kane -Future Destination : Exit 2

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Bay B Kane - Everyday - Future Destination : Exit 2 - TDDR029 by Top Drawer Digital

Bay B Kane -Unspoken - Future Destination : Exit 2- TDDR029 by Top Drawer Digital

Bay B Kane - Zensense -Future Destination :Exit 2 - TDDR029 by Top Drawer Digital

Bay B Kane : Breathe - Future Destination : Exit 2 - TDDR029 by Top Drawer Digital

Jungle Originator Bay B Kane returns to the Top Drawer Digital fold for his second journey in the Future Destination series.This time he travels through Exit 2 and with his latest four track EP, Jungles Past pushes onwards to wherever Jungles Future may be enjoying the ride from here in the Present.

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Support :

100Me-"Top shelf release from the Top Drawer of record labels... Sick!" 9/10
VJ Air - "great ep of laid back sounds. Everyday is my fav at the mo." 9/10
Ben Venom - "Bay B Kane doin his stuff, awesome!" 9/10
Tony Rocky Horror C89.5FM "Bay B Kane is always on it!!" 9/10Digitally Mashed 10/10
Virus – Big Beaty music love TDD 10/10
Doc Gachet –This takes me back 8/10
EZ – lovin all the tracks 8/10
Eddy U-Ome AWESOME!!! Bay B is back with some crisp breaks for all. Love the soulfulness of unspoken, will def be supporting this one." 9/10
Generic bass 9/10  quality future jungle by BBK. "Everyday" is a proper, proper choon!
Midland breaks 8/10
Jay Cunning 7/10 nice selection of tracks - proper 95 vibes
John Grief Bay B Kane has really got a flow on with this release. All good tracks that fit together well as an ep. But Everyday is where the fire is at!"7/10
Jon James Gotta love those drums man ... bay b kane on top form with this wicked chilled future jungle e.p loads.. nice to hear some unusual drum patterns..great vibes thumbs up from me 8/10
Lex "Proper cool...Bukenm vibes for 2012... diggin this" 9/10
Pressa These are baaaad!" 9/10
Strange Rollers Everyday has a quality drifting away feel, love it and also like Breathes mellow tones and vocal, quality BBK Biznizz 8/10
Ceos Big bashment with a hint of souls and emotion! Liking this!"8/10
Schema yeah really nice this, digging it 9/10
SUAD Yeah Feeling Everyday 7/10
Radiokillaz solid release, feeling Unspoken most, top roller 9/10
Vinyl Junkie  Niceness....Will play on Radio 7/10

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