Sunday, 18 November 2012

Electrux - The Orbit EP - TDDR030 - Top Drawer Digital

Top Drawer Digital Presents :

Electrux : The Orbit EP

Release Dates :
Track It Down : 17th November 2012
Everywhere : 01st December 2012

A : Bounce

Electrux - Bounce -TDDR030 - The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

B : Illusion
Electrux - Illusion - TDDR030 - The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

C : Orbit
Electrux - Orbit - TDDR030 -The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

D : Slingshot
Electrux - Slingshot - TDDR030 - The Orbit EP Out Now by Top Drawer Digital

To mark our 30th release one of Top Drawer Digital's favorite producers Electrux is back with his 3rd full EP on the imprint and we rekon it's the strongest yet. The Orbit EP showcases his unique style as he drifts through genres whilst retaining his recognisable sound.

Support Includes :

100me Rating : 8 / 10 "Excellent release!! Illusion is doing it for me! =)"
Ben Venom Rating : 9 / 10 "Once again Electux smashes it!"
Brewster B Kiss FM AU  6 / 10 "amen brother..!"
Tony Rocky Horror C89.5FM 7 / 10 "Orbit + Slingshot are my fav's!
DJ Virus - Kool/Reinforced 10 / 10 "big bless & respect 4 coming wid da goods again love the music..v"
E Z  7 / 10 "Liking the Bounce track!!"
Jay Cunning  7 / 10 "Illusion is the one for me!"
John Grief 7 / 10 "Good stuff from Electrux as usual - top marks go to Illusion - proper head nodding steppin bouncy bassline action - tasty..."
Jon James  8 / 10 "Top tuna from Electrux, 4 great tracks from the 2step/future beats of the lyrical roller bounce to the the dark edges of sling shot ...for me its the Amen
work out of Orbit..."
Kranky 8 / 10 "Nice release, Orbit is a banger!"
Linda B 8 / 10 "It was so hard to choose between Bounce and Illusion as best mix for me, but i think i chose Bounce to have the edge for it's Old Skool feel. I love this
MULDER  9 / 10
Odeed and Wish 9 / 10 "Bounce is huge!I have been waiting for this release for a minute.Illusion is another top notch banger as well.Overall a great release and I will support
for sure."
Rasco  7 / 10 "Very good for the dancefloor, i like it"
RISKOTECEQUE 7 / 10  the dubstep cut was cool
Strange Rollers 9 / 10 "Loved Bounce for ages now! stunning track big support from the Strange Rollers Illusion is another stormer! Heavy Bass Action Infact there all
Ceos 8 / 10 "Illusion is a smart one, yet bangs with the best of them!"
Rob Focuz 7 / 10 "Really like Illusion.. great track! Will definitely play this one."
Radiokillaz 8 / 10 "a nice amen banger"
Tariq (Future Jungle Blog/Hush Mag)10 / 10 "Electrux is an artist who is totally consistent and has an amazing ability to produce continuously fresh and infectious tunes while maintaining his
signature style. I love the bouncy UKG style of 'Bounce' but 'Orbit' wins it for me with that great Electrux take on the Future Jungle sound."
VINYL JUNKIE  9 / 10 "Tossup between Illusion and Orbit.... Slingshot pretty cool too"

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