Monday, 19 November 2012

Exit Point's Breaks, Bass & Beats Show With Special Guest Menace (19.11.2012)

Exit Point's Breaks, Bass & Beats Show With Special Guest Menace (19.11.2012)
Lambert & Butler - Party Pumper
Dom Almond - We Are Ravers 
Nexus - Via Cov
Cyantific - Streets Of Rave
Grandmaster Flash - The Message (Strange Rollers Remix)
100Me - Snarling Beast
Neurygma - Take Me Away
Motiv - Livin In The Underground
Liquid 8 ft Davina Myers - The One (UFO Project Remix)
Meanstreak - Bass Drop 
Javi R - Textures (Flashback Project Remix)
D Trac3d - Mutha Of Bass_
Run DMT - Bass Drum (8-B1T Remix)
Dubsidia - Kill Humans (Dirtyloud Remix)
Menace - Rave That
Shades Of Rhythm - Return To Eden (Menace Re-Lik)
Liquid Rollers - Keep On
Resin - This Is Hardcore
Bfresh - Spun Back
Menace - Dream maker
DJ Vibes - Sing It Loud (DJ Slim v's Bedroom Producers Re-Fix)
Bay B Kane - Unspoken
Paul Cronin V's Exit Point - The Breakdown
Menace - Latent Blies 
Flashback Project - Finest Illusion (Re-Fix)
Strange Rollers - Jungle Serenade
Breakz - Baptized By Breakz 
Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (RGMDJ Remix)
UFO Project - Surprise
Hirshee & Sue Cho - Always Tomorrow
Fleur & Cutline - Broken Mirror (Specimen A Remix)

Kicks Like A Mule - The Bouncer (Damage Inc Dubplate)
Rekurve - Get Busy
Bay B Kane - Everyday
Cluekid - Into The Jungle
Bone Man - You're Mine
B.O.D.A. - Babylon Breaks 
Dead Dred - Dread Bass (Skanx Remix)
David Boomah ft Serocee & Aries & Gold - Forward Ever
Aems - The New Dawn (Weekday Remix)
Economix - Loops (Harmonee Remix)
M2J - Pacmans Revenge (Power Pill Mix)

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