Monday, 12 November 2012

Lucas-Undecided Mission

The debut E.P from new Staeside based Future Jungle imprint, Woofer Cooker is out now.The original being a huge J Tek/Future Jungle banger with spooky pads and dark growling stabs over some crunching amens that builds and builds, proper 2am dancefloor mayhem bizznizz!!!! 2 great remixes from Shadow Frequency and Skanx compliment this package nicely.Shadow Frequency take the track down a late 92' style route, shades of Mark Archer,Basement records and pretty much anything that was in Tango and Ratty's record bag during the golden era, all with a modern twist. Skanx turns in a hard as nails uptempo remix, perhaps more akin to 93/94 style and with the emphasis on the 'Jungle' in Future Jungle. A sign of great things to come from this wicked imprint. As always, bag yourself this essential release.

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