Tuesday, 27 November 2012

New 140/FJ/HCB mixes 27.11.12

Here's a few new 140/HCB/FJ mixes to blast out nice and loud in your car.

  Rated003LaunchShow by Ruined Jon
The latest instalment of R.A.T.E.D's fortnightly show on www.nu-raveradio.com, celebrating the release of R.A.T.E.D 003, Shadow Frequency-King Kong Sound, check out the review here: http://futurejungle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/shadow-frequency-king-kong-sound-ep.html

DJ ME - New skool Ben & Eddie Mix
  DJ ME - New skool Ben & Eddie Mix by Lankyman-1
Check out this mix showcasing tunes by 2 of our favourite producers, Eddie Voyager & Ben Venom

OLD SKOOLIN' ....{Rykennon Prod. Tunes} DJ-TONY D
  OLD SKOOLIN' ....{Rykennon Prod. Tunes} by DJ-TONY D And here's another great mix by one of our favourite DJs showcasing another of our favourite producers.

Take a break-maz187 take a break by maz187
And here's a fresh new mix from maz187, packed to the brim with bangers!!!!

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