Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sixfootunda-Lost In Dreams LP-Boomsha

Boomsha recs continue to up the ante, this time with a full 10 track album from San Diego original junglist, Sixfootunda featuring remixes from Visible Sound, Bay B Kane, DJ Aitch & Strange Rollers.

Kicking off with the opening ‘Someone was looking for you’, a classic jungle roller at 140bpm sampling from one of my favourite films, ‘The Shining’, this is a bass fuelled monster!!!!

Visible Sound takes the opener down a melodic route with added female vox, flutes and super phat amens for an intelligent rinse out.

Then we have one of my favourite tracks from the album ‘That’s what I do’ with it’s eerie jazz like pads and gangster vox sounding like Lou Reed turned junglist or a junglist Tarantino soundtrack, seriously, this is sick!!!! BBK maintains the dark vibes on remix duties, going down a more minimalist 2 stepping route building into bass heavy amen rolling wickedness.

Another fave is ‘Low level frequencies’ with dark menacing gangster flick style pads, heavy subs as per the track title and loads of great bleepy bits, DJ Aitch gives this banger his own unique old skool style jungle re rub.

‘War is in the dance’ at 150bpm has a 94’ vibe to it with sirens, atmospheric pads and ragga vox, get your lighters out for this bad boy, the Strange Rollers remix is tight, emphasising the bongos and adding in dark, spooky pads for a killer re rub.

‘This is a kill’ is a nice melodic future jungle workout with uplifting, intelligent pads, still keeping the beats n’ bass phat and heavy though.

We finish with ‘The conscious mind’ with pads reminiscent of the early Metalheadz era, a voice repeatedly tells us of strange sub conscious experiences, intersped with huge subs and junglistic vox with some nice bleeps.

This is a great album, essential for all future junglists, taking all the best elements of 20 years of the sound and putting it together in 10 dope tracks, you have been formally introduced to the O.G Sixfootunda, we fully expect you will be coming back for more of those sick beats!!!!

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