Sunday, 3 March 2013

Leonized vs Paul Cronin-Sample Dis MF-San Francisco Nights

Get yourself 5 tracks of quality NuSkool & Breakbeat Hardcore from Paul Cronin & Leonized, ranging from the high octane 160bpm techno influenced title track to the old skool 130bpm Prodigy influenced 'Dub War 3000', the excellent pianocore anthems 'Unicore' and 'Feel The Higher State' and last but by no means least wobbly reese bass monster 'One Time'. This huge EP has been getting support from the Nu Rave radio DJs and featured on Rave Stylee rec's recent podcast, it also comes highly recommended from us here at the blog so do avail yourself of the opportunity to purchase this class EP
Here's a free download by Leonized that has been on constant rotation here at the blog since last summer, grab it while you can!!!

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