Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Interview with The Rumblist and brand new EP 'Flex Up' Out Now on Kut Off Recs

We're happy to welcome The Rumblist to the blog, to ask him a few questions. First up, thanks for taking some time out to tell us a bit about yourself....

It's fair to say that you have a unique take on the breaks sound. How would you describe your style, approach to writing music and who's inspired you?

I like to think that my music kind of 'crosses over' between dance music and listening music. This probably comes from spending many years mainly writing IDM/electronica tunes, which were inspired by the 90's sounds of Aphex Twin, Autechre, Muziq, Squarepusher, etc. I stumbled into breaks music more by accident than anything! My friend VJ Air hit me up with some remix work for his label Definition:breaks, and that was that, I was hooked!

I don't DJ at the moment (currently working on that) or get to as many gigs as I'd like, so my tunes probably don't have that dance-floor edge that I hear a lot in other breaks tunes. I'm very much a traditional musician, who got into electronic music because I was fascinated with sampling and synthesis from an early age. I credit my dad with getting me into sampling, as he bought me a Casio SK-1 when I was a kid! (Thanks Pa!)

A lot of the time when I sit down to write a new tune, I've no idea what's going to happen, as I never aim to specifically write a particular genre. That's half the fun, the uncertainty! It's a cliché, but it's all about the journey for me, and I hope that translates to the listener, as well as being something to dance about to!

Which releases have been your favourite personal productions to date?

Flex Up is definitely one of my faves for sure! It's got that melodic, epic feel to it that I enjoy. I'm also really proud of the Livid EP (Definition:breaks) - big, nasty sounds!
Little Man (Unstable Label) and Felt So (Digital Sensation UK) were also special releases for me, kinda personal.

And who are you digging in the world of broken beats, EDM & music in general at the moment?

Originality and not giving a fuck rates high on my music radar, so Die Antwoord are right up there for me - rap/rave/techno mentalness! They're not everyone's cup of tea, but they inspire and terrify me in equal measure! I was lucky enough to see them play live a couple of years back and their energy was infectious, even though I felt I'd been musically violated!!

Breaks-wise, I love Hoffman & Savannah's tunes - they just nail it everytime with huge clean productions, with Fraction being one of my fave tunes! I also love the Spanish tearout sounds of Javi R, Vazteria X and A2C.

Outside of breaks, I have been enjoying Autechre's new album 'Exai', which takes a few listens to get into! Good, but not as good as their older stuff like Garbage and Anvil Vapre!

Can you tell us more about your upcoming release on a brand new label, Kut Off Records?

Yeah, I'm excited about this one! I've been wanting to get Flex Up out for a while now - it's got that melodic epic stomp going on and it's great to have the Stewart Lee samples in there, about the good old days of records! Spazt is a chugging little breaks tune, with stabby basses and guitar-like synths rolling along to the beat. Take It is a much more recent tune, with real heavy bass sounds and aggressive beats. Really chuffed to be the first release on Kut Off Records as well. Exciting times!

So how can we stay updated with the latest info on The Rumblist

Best ways to follow me are on:-
Soundcloud –    
or my website -   

Be sure to check out my Year Of Freebies, where I'm giving away an original tune every month this year!
I've also got some ambient/electronica tunes at

Thanks again...any last words and shouts?

Loads of love for Ian and Sarah at Unstable Label, Arran and John at Definition:breaks, Lucas at Top Drawer Digital, Mike Perks at Free Breaks Blog, and of course your good self for all your help and support! There's loads more people in the breaks scene that also need thanking, everyone seems really sound and all trying to push in the same direction, so massive respect to anyone I've forgotten!

The Rumblist's new EP is out now on Kut Off Recs , get it here:

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