Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Deep In The Underground Show 23.3.13

Simon Holmes -Divine Harmony
RESIN - Need It Tonight
Jurassik-Dopest And The Raddest
Nikolai -Project Zero
Vic B & Redshift-140arc
SixFootUnda - Thats What I Do
Skanx and Klashy -Lighta Massive
Jem One - Podium Trollz
Mastergroove - Trippy
Silent Sigh -Henstridge '92
TuKuntz - Miss Me (Back 2 92 Mix)
Dodders -The Lost Boy
Blackbox-I Don’t Know Anybody Else (Zombie Robot Remix)
ManaBoom -Splash Of Emotion
Strange Rollers - The Ward (Trapped In Mix)
Visible Sound-Serene Awakening
E Lab Rat - Rat Hustle (Lucas Remix)
DJ Fuzzbuzz -Wonka (Old Piano Tune Mix)
Pursuit -Comin' Rude Boy
Remnant -No More Room In Hell
Cheapjack -Samples For Sale
Yell O Phase -Pretty Hardcore (Paranoid Mix)

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