Monday, 13 May 2013

++++Champion Breaks-Cult Music-FREE DL+++

  They said: "Acid House Music...a sinister and evil cult...into drug taking"
We said: "Yes, how do we join???"
Pure old skool, hardcore, bleepy, acid party! . This will make you grin :)
Free download from 12/05/2013
Vocals sampled from "We Called it Acid (1988)"
Track: Cult Music
Produced by Champion Breaks.
Mastered by Lawrie Immersion (Curved Pressings, Hackney)
Go to @Champion Breaks for free hi-res download of this and all other Champion Breaks releases.
Mastered by Lawrie Immersion
Curved Pressings
Hackney - London

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  1. thanks for the mention T! Always appreciated...