Wednesday, 29 May 2013

DJ Flow-Karnage-Free Mix

Karnage by dJ_fLow

I'm going to take you on a mental journey, with elements of Future Jungle, Rave Breaks, Darkcore and Drum & Bass all blended together to create a mix that I've called 'Karnage'.
I've been lucky enough to be sent some great music over the last few months so I thought I'd do a mix with some of my favourites as well as it being a promo for my EP on Kut Off (which is out mid July). This is also the first mix I've done with any of the tunes I've made, quite a surreal experience!
HUGE shouts go out to Grant at Kut Off, Peachy at Kode5, Eddie & Ritchie at Held II Ransom, Greg Wizard and anyone else that sends me promos. Also a big shout to Adam Mastergroove, Nick FX, Champion Breaks, Czech 1 2, Flashback Project, Otter, Galvatron, Abyss, Auntie Susan, Stormski, Tariq, Glowkid, Exit Point, Libatee, Paul Cronin, Sparki Dee, Liquid Rollers (and anyone else I've missed) for pushing our music forward by either making it or playing it on the radio.
1. Mind Control - Wizard - Sub Slayers
2. Let Me See Your Hands - Eddie Voyager - Held II Ransom
3. Finest Illusion - Flashcats
4. Pushing Forward - Otter - Kut Off
5. Let It Roll - Mastergroove - Kode5
6. Music For Drugs - Champion Breaks - Kut Off
7. Do It Now - Breakz
8. Epic - dJ fLow - Kut Off
9. Keep It Up - Abyss - Kode5
10. Ready 4 This - dJ fLow - Kut Off
11. Get Mash Up - Auntie Susan - Kode5
12. Ice Pick - Glavatron - Kut Off
13. Fresh Kut - dJ fLow - Kut Off
14. Coming On Strong - Stormski - Kode5
15. Tic Tac Toe - dJ fLow 2013 remix
16. The Dark Zone - Auntie Susan - Kode5
17. Horns Of Darkness - dJ fLow
18. The Darkside - Abyss - Kode5
19. Champion Sound - dJ fLow 2013 remix
20. Flatliners - Nebula II (Silent Code remix) - Kode5
21. Bastard Fist - Jaydan
22. Motion VIP - Sub Zero
23. Holding On - Monsta (Skrillex & Nero remix)
I really hope you like the mix. I've managed to make it the perfect length for burning to CD for the car. ;) Please feel free to comment, repost, share, favourite, tweet, whatever! Support the music we love!!
BIG UPS!! :)

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