Friday, 3 May 2013

Sanxion - A Brief History of Sanxion Studio Mix

  Here is a mix for you. Free download style! 
A brief history of Sanxion, containing tunes from when Sanxion came into being....right up to some forthcoming, and unreleased new stuff.
1. Sanxion feat. Davina Meyers - Fly Away
2. Sanxion - The Valenzetti Equation
3. Sanxion - Shadow Puppets
4. Liquid-8 feat. Davina Meyers - The One (Sanxion remix)
5. Sanxion - The Casimir Effect (Can't get enough)
6. Sanxion - Renormalisation
7. Eddie Voyager - Runaway (Sanxion remix)
8. Sanxion - Mesmerised at Charles Street
9. Kieran M - Heart on Fire (Sanxion remix)
10.Sanxion - Brainfreeze
11.Sanxion - Robot House
12.Sanxion - A Short Story About Love
13.Sanxion - Hail to the King
14.Sanxion - You Bitches Ain't Got Sh*t on Me
15.Sanxion - Shoot You Down
16.Sanxion - Interzone

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