Monday, 13 May 2013

Ramos & Birchy - Bass In Your Face/(Disrupta & Mystery Remix)-RSR Reloaded

Fans of old skool young and old alike will know RSR, the label and production trio that spawned countless classics going all the way back to the early 90's such as 'Gotta Believe', 'Crowd Control', 'The Journey', 'Knight Raver', 'Life Force Generator' & 'Terminator', if you haven't heard these classics, go look them up on you tube, its a must.

Moving to the present, we have a new label RSR Reloaded focusing on the sound of breakbeat hardcore in 2013 and beyond and to kick things off, we have a couple of belters in the shape of Ramos & Birchy-Bass In Your Face, a nuskool/breakbeat hardcore banger with huge uplifting pianos that I know I've heard on a big happy hardcore tune from back in the day, got me scratching my head for the ID!!! combined with tight chopped up breaks, hip hop vox, hoovers and filthy bass, this one's a winner!! On remix duties, Disrupta & Mystery turn the uplifting vibes up to +10 with a fine remix in their unique and in demand style. So, a welcome return to one of the greats, now go and buy!!!!

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