Thursday, 23 May 2013

Schoco-This Is Love E.P-Digital Acetate

If you want to see how healthy any particular genre of music is, you judge it by the releases that are coming out, producers and labels. Since launching in 2012, Digital Acetate has been gold, the releases have been stunning and you can find the cream of the future jungle producers here too. Schoco is on fire right now and rightly so, I've had the pleasure of playing his damn fine tunage for approx 2 years now and it really does just get better all the time.

On to this fantastic E.P featuring 3 tracks and 3 remixes of those tracks: 

1.'All I Want' opens with a wonderful UKG/House meets 140 style intro, very familiar vocal, you'll know it when you hear it, lovely organ stabs take us into the drop before introducing some spine tingling pads, key changes are first class, tune is amazing.

2.'All I Want (Visible Sound Remix) takes the already great original and adds in a great skippy VS style beat and some fresh pads while retaining the key elements of the original, as a remix, its on a par with the original without a doubt and sells the whole E.P for me

3.'I Need You' is Schoco in his true ethereal style, the sounds build gently and slowly and send you into a trance, the melodys are haunting and will stick in your head.

4.'I Need You (Time Travel's Deeper Love remix) is Time Travel at his best with lovely switches between a skippy break and the classic funky drummer, melodic late night vibes are the order of the day here, sheer quality

5.'You And Me' is just mind blowing, kicking off with an intro and a drop that's almost 3min long, the pads are classic 93 intelligent jungle through and through, you have to hear how good this really is.

6.You And Me (Aitch's VIP Treatment) gives this quality, stunning track a nice rolling feel, adds in plenty of sub bass and like the original, lets the sounds breathe and build 

So the bottom line is go and spend some money on this top notch release, have a listen to the clips below, get prepared to be blown away and have your wallet to hand and indulge yourself in some of the finest 140/future jungle around....

This is Love ep [Digital Acetate - out tomorrow!] by Schoco

Out Now

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