Thursday, 18 July 2013

DJ Flow - Fresh Kuts EP - Out Now!

Being an old skool head at heart, when I hear a classic 91/92 style rave riff, my eyes and ears light up, there's been something of an old skool revival this year what with the excellent Mark C release on Rinse Repeat a few months back and now this incredible offering from DJ Flow on Kut Off Recordings, those of you that have heard Flow's sets at Fantazia and Dreamscape, on his soundcloud page and on nu-rave,com will be aware of his fantastic mixing talents and great selection of tunes, something he has brought into his own productions, especially on this 3 tracker, a mixture of classic rolling breaks alongside more modern rave/hardcore breaks style beats, elements of Belgian Techno and the full on raw, energetic sound of 90's hardcore, each of the 3 tunes build and drop perfectly with plenty of key changes, reminiscent of Sub Love, Ray Keith, Doc Scott and Top Buzz back in the golden era, if you ask me, we don't hear enough of this and for all those who have buried Old Skool and confined it to the annals of history, ask yourself, just how many other genres of music are around today that still carry on with the formula that made them popular decades ago and yet no one complains, why should Old Skool change and why can't we have tunes in 2013 that sound like they are straight out of 92? Theres nothing wrong with it, long may Old Skool live on, big ups to Flow for putting out this unashamed, true Old Skool EP and big ups to Menace for putting this out to purchase, I can honestly say, hand on heart, this really is one of the best EPs I've heard in 2013.  

DJ Flow - Fresh Kuts EP - Out Now! by kutoffrecords

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