Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Interview with Evil Nine + New EP Out Now

With a new release currently out and an album on the way, Future Jungle Blog relished the chance to catch up with Evil Nine, Check the interview below........

With a career spanning 14 years and a truly diverse and vast array of genres, how would you describe the sounds you make?

I guess eclectic in it's influences & constantly evolving is a good place to start. We both have such a broad taste in music & a desire to not stagnate that the Evil Nine sound changes constantly, the sound that most people know us for is probably best described as 'Krautrock & Hip Hop influenced breakbeat' but who knows really? We usually just mess about in the studio & see what comes out rather than over thinking what type of music we're writing, not really sure wether this is a good or bad thing though.

You have made soundtracks for horror movies, are you fans of the horror genres yourself and if so, what are your favourite scary films?

Yeah we're both fans of cinema in general & horror is a big genre for us. We rarely get scared of horror movies these days, I guess as you get older you get used to them. Movies by classic horror / zombie directors like John Carpenter, Dario Argento, George A. Romero & Sam Raimi were a big influence on both our albums but we don't recall being that scared by them. I think the last film I watched that scared me was 'The Last Exorcism' which took me by surprise, I was alone & high when I watched it though. (Pat)

You're currently in the process of putting together your 3rd album, what can listeners expect from this one?

In a way we've returned to the sound of 'You Can Be Special Too' but as always we're keen not to repeat ourselves; this time around it has a little more of an electronic edge to it as well as a focus on sound design & our hip hop influences. Vocally we're planning on working with our friends from the first & second album again, apart from that it's difficult to say as things can often end up in a completely different place than they seem to be heading.

And lastly, your new EP is out now, tell us a bit about that and anything else coming up in the pipelines in terms of releases and any upcoming shows.

Basically we have a new EP called 'Haxxan // Diamonds' which is out on our label 'For Lovers'. 'Haxxan' is a slight indication of where we're heading sound wise with the album although that will be rougher & rockier in sound if what we've worked on so far is anything to go by, with both tracks we tried to write something that contained some of our more recent hip-hop & R&B influences combined with elements of the sounds we've been known for in the past. Other than working on the album we've just finished a very breakbeat sounding remix for 'Pretty Little Things' which we're pretty proud of & working on the follow up to 'Haxxan // Diamonds', it's quite electronic again but much deeper, subby & psychedelic.

Evil Nine's new EP 'Haxxan/Diamonds' is out now and can be purchased here:

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