Friday, 19 July 2013

MARK C Positive Vibes EP Kode 5 Recordings

Old Skool fans are really in for a treat, along with the previous post where I reviewed DJ Flow's new EP we also have this awesome outing from Mark C out today on Kode 5. Mark's productions are always unique, fun and energetic and the three on offer certainly deliver, 'Rushing Just A Little Bit Too Fast' takes an Orbital 'Chime' type melody, loops it with some incredible cut up beats and throws in some great tempo switching hoovers, stabs and vox making for a funky, tripped out, uplifting hardcore work out. 'Expand Your Mind' continues with one of the key elements of this EP, namely Mark C's neatly chopped up beats that have to be heard, utilising the famous 'I Get Hype' vox as used by ACEN in 'Trip II The Moon' with an overall minimal techno like vibe, 'The Death Trap' is my pick of the 3, a dark, Reinforced circa 92 influenced track with crazy drum edits that remind me of that great drum section in Metalheadz' 'Terminator' with a dark as you like looped melody over rumbling sub bass a la Doc Scott. As I have wrote before on this blog, watch out for Mark C who is fast becoming an in demand producer with releases on Kode 5, Rinse Repeat and forthcoming tunage on Long Live The Animals, this EP is a testament to his production skills and a absolute must have for NuSkool and Old Skool heads alike, go get it!!!!

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