Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Freefall Collective Interview and New Release

1.First of all, a big, big thank you for taking time out for the Future Jungle blog, I first came to know of you when I heard Vinyl Junkie playing ‘Ignition’ on his Sub.fm radio show last year, the track absolutely blew me away with its energy and I’ve been a fan ever since. For the readers, tell us a few introductory words about yourself…..Hi there! We are a production outfit from Bournemouth and have also been playing out as a live band for nearly 8 years now. We have been releasing tracks since about 2007 and now have our own label “Supafrequency” as well. The Live band has been perhaps the most fun thing as it has taken us over all the UK festivals and also some big shows in Spain and other parts of Europe. 

2. So, who does what in the band? Sounds like you use real instruments to me
We got MC Manic and Kristy on vocals, James on Guitar and percussion, Gareth on synths, samplers and keys and finally our powerhouse Simzy on the Kit.

3. Who are your major influences in the wide world of music?
There’s so much good music out there this is such a difficult question to answer! We’ve always been in awe of the relentless energy that the Prodigy bring, and old school rave acts like Altern 8. We’re loving the swing and funk of some of the new booty bass stuff coming from the likes of Deekline & Ed Solo. We’re also big fans of the dub/reggae vibe and try to incorporate that in our music where we can.

 4. And what was it like being signed to Rat Records and working alongside a legend like Deekline? We were really chuffed when Deekline contacted us asking to remix our track ‘Ganjaman’….and to get another single out so soon after our album “Sounds Out Of Time” dropped last year was great.

5. Is there anyone else you have really enjoyed working with? A few of us used to be the touring band for Atomic Hooligan back in the day. That was brilliant fun and got us all really comfortable with big shows etc…

6. You are also known for being a quality live act, what can we expect if we go to see Freefall Collective live?
Lots of energy, good vibes and some trouser flapping basslines!

7. And what has been your absolute favourite live performance to date and why? We’ve had the pleasure of playing some awesome shows over the past few years but one that certainly stands out is the Glastonbury 2010 Arcadia Spectacular Show. Check this video out.. We’ve also designed the soundscapes for this year’s Arcadia Show as well, featuring at Glastonbury & Boomtown so come check out the show if you’re there.

8. You have an new release out on your own Supafrequency imprint, tell us a bit about that…. “Game Control” is coming out in July with a very special Dub edit on the flip. The main track is tried and tested at live shows and we really wanted to get it down in the studio. We’ve had some good feedback so far, we hope you guys like it! 

Game Control by Freefall Collective Get The New Release Here: http://www.beatport.com/release/game-control/1108318

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