Wednesday, 24 July 2013

RyO - Thru Your Eyes Album-Boomsha Recordings

I first heard the sounds of Ryo in Autumn 2012, featuring on the future jungle usb vol 2 album along with releases on Digital Acetate & Boomsha, I was blown away by the diversity in his sound from the gut wrenching darkness of 'White Place' to the the brilliance of 'Angels Calling' which begins with a DnB style beat at 140bpm and is comparable to Adam F making future jungle with its deepness and lushness. Following a string of excellent releases, Ryo debuts his first full album on Boomsha recordings and I assure you, you are in for a treat. Throughout this album, you get that diversity and melodic flavour, each tune contains subtleties and intricacy's that reflect Ryo's high level of musicality, from deep to disembowelingly dark, 'Thru Your Eyes' is an absolute delight to listen to, the future jungle scene has its first 'Timeless', I urge you to take just a few seconds to share the link to the soundcloud minimix below and/or the trackitdown links, this deserves to go viral and become the landamark album of the scene, please support, its time the jungle revolution begins, big ups to the Boomsha fam and big ups to the man like Ryo for pulling out something as special as this....
  RyO - Thru Your Eyes (album preview clips) release date 24/07/13 by boomsha recordings

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