Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Franz Von-Franz Von EP

Not a Future Jungle EP but undoubtedly this is a pretty special package that regular viewers of this blog will enjoy.Chris Cyberninja on production duties here and his crisp and unique production combined with Franz Von's heavyweight lyrical delivery make for the best Drum and Bass EP I have heard in a long long time. A great EP overall but 'Rah' stands out with its sheer heaviness, it drags you into a back alley and gives you a good hiding with with hard hitting beats and bass and Franz takes no prisoners with his lyrical fire, '777' is also amazing, imagine Method Man doing drum and bass but 10x better, honestly. Franz is a talent that deserves to get noticed, take notice Charlie Sloth, get this man in your booth!! This is an EP that will get the Hip Hop and Drum and bass heads nodding and all lovers of good quality underground music, you can get from Juno, take a listen below

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