Friday, 13 April 2012

YOU & ME FOREVER (Dj Nicky Allen) Coming Soon To Quantum Progression Audio

DJ & Producer, Nicky Allen has made a massive impression on the Hardcore Breaks scene in the last couple of years, he Djs with an old skool ethos preferring vinyl to digital audio and his sets are must listens that have attracted the attention of the likes of Billy Daniel Bunter who asked Nicky to do a set at the Epedemik Winter Ball last year. His soundcloud is packed full of excelent free tunes that have been played by hardcore breaks DJs in abundance and finally Nicky is getting some much deserved recognition with his tracks appearing on Paranoid recordings, Vibe Alive and this track forthcoming on QPA which is nothing short of an absolute anthem of epic proportions that will have you reaching for the lasers as you listen!!!!

Expect much more to come from Nicky including the launch of his own imprint supporting the hardcore breaks scene, in the meantime you can buy his track '9T3' from here and check out his amazing sets here

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