Saturday, 14 April 2012

Deep in The underground with Tariq on 14.4.12

This week's instalment of the Deep In the Underground show with me, Tariq on, aired Saturday from 1-3pm 14.4.12, special thanks to everyone who sent in tracks for me to play and to my listeners. Also special thanks to James levett of Kic FM for doing some great drops and jingles for me
DJ Abo-Warriors Theme
Athson-Hardcore Heaven
RESIN-Crazy Inside(Projekt 1 Remix)
Drumatic Twins-Meeting Point(Shades Of Rhythm
Logistics-We Are One
Odeed vs Wish-What It Is
Furious Styles-Badbwoy
Lotek Ft Bunny Lee & King-The Rudest
Dude(Lightshapers Remix)
Kidson-Rastaman Ting
WhyTee-Feel Me
RESIN-So Emotional
DJ Breakz-Time To Roll A Fat One(Paranoid
Recordings 2010 Remix)
DJ Fuzzbuzz-The Nutter
Orca-Utah Mantra
Strange Rollers-Nuff Soul And Crew
RadiokillaZ-It Was A Shark 2012
TimDnB-Ravin' Mad
DJ Nicky Allen-Take Me Away
Scar Wars-Episode 2
Skywalka & JediGell-Return Of The J Tek
Yell O Phase-RushEr
Kranky & Lethal-Stop The Music(Time Travel's Deep
Meditation Remix)
Bay B Kane Ft Ali Kaan Gebes-Rush Over Me
Trahma Kartwright-Cold Truth(Minimal DnB Mix)
DJ Beady-Middle Earth
Ironlung-Screw UP(Cabbie Remix)
Franz Von-Rah
Percusive P-bring M1
Toronto Is Broken-Miracle

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