Thursday, 26 April 2012


I'm sure many of you will have heard the Krafty Kuts reboot of this seminal classic circa 92/93. Just as a personal note I had been thinking to myself that it lacked the energy of the original and I felt a hardcore breaks rerub would be better suited to bring this old skool banger up to date.Lo and behold,DJ pursuit has done just that with a very faithful update with some added in 2012 style breaks and pitched up hip hop vocals and a nice chopped up section which mashes up the components of this remix with little snippets from that drumroll section also used by Orca in '4am'. A superior remix in my humble opinion and it retains the all important parts of the original that would ensure mayhem on the dancefloor from the first bar. The best thing is.....its free!!!! Big ups to DJ Pursuit for this one, enjoy..... EDGE 1 - COMPNDED - PURSUIT'S SYCO MIX (FREE DOWNLOAD) OLDSKOOL HARDCORE by PURSUIT

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