Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Future Breaks vol2 Beagle-808

Bit varied this one: some breaks, some J-Tek, some acid.

Beretta 9mm - Blazer
Twister (Too Dusty remix) - 48k
Dance Move 87 - Tim Davison
Phuture (Paul Mac remix) - The Nighttripper
Craehrzhd - Global Goon
Sins of Claire (Lawgiverz remix) - D-Ranged
Hole in Your Theory - Lucas
Headland (Cursor Minor remix) - Point B
The Bleeps - Si Begg
Pheonix - Beagle
Lola - The Brainkiller
Up - Lawgiverz
Killa Sound - Tango & Ratty
Manipulated Living - Resonate
The Round Up - Stomp & Weaver
Order From Chaos - Lucas

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