Thursday, 5 April 2012

A new beginning for my show

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I am a independent podcaster, I have worked for 2 radio stations previously, Unity FM and Radio Youthology in Birmingham.

I hosted a debate and discussion show known as 'Behind the headlines' for Unity FM and co- hosted 'Sports Buzz' on Radio Youthology and hosted my own show 'Tea with Tariq' a rather strangely named show which was inspired by the fledgeling Future Jungle scene and supported it with a passion along with other similar styles and genres. A special mention must go to Lucas Morris who introduced me to the sound and to all the great people involved in the scene I have the pleasure to be a part of . I am an admin for the 'Future jungle blog' too

I'm not a DJ nor to do I have those skills currently, more a 'selector' who plays music out of his love for it which is something I hope comes through in my radio shows. I enedeavour to continue supporting the scene and hope I can find a home for my show where listeners can get a chance to sample that uniuqe experience.

With that in mind, my weekly show, for the time being it will be replaced by a podcast under the new name 'Deep in the underground' which I will put out on mixcloud so as not to leave lots of dead links on the net. I can't disclose the reason for the change suffice to say I am now a independent broadcaster, I intend to continue supporting the scene I have been actively promoting and the 1st podcast will be up this weekend. I hope you can show you're love and support for this new project

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