Saturday, 13 April 2013

21 Years Of Breakbeat Hardcore 1992-2013

I've posted this before but as its done quite well on other sites asides from mixcloud previously and for the fact that it received a really nice review from the excellent Crazy Dutchman blog which you can read here I thought I would post the recently upped mixcloud version which is timestamped so you can spot the tunes, I'm thinking of doing a 2nd volume to this, holler at me if you wanna hear that!!!

Silent Sigh -Henstridge '92
Nookie -Pedro Pulls An Essex Sort
Menace Makes 3-Feel the Friction on My Feet (The TTL Crew Mix)
2 Boasters - The Traitor
Manic - Feel It (Jungle Mix)
Mastergroove - Cold fresh air
Dave Skywalker –R U RED.Y
DJ Fuzzbuzz -Wonka (Old Piano Tune Mix)
Mark C-Axe Factor
Mark C - Rushing Just A Little Bit To Fast
Leonized-The Beginning Of The End (DJ Fuzzbuzz Remix)
DJ Fav-Forsaken Jungle
DJ Fuzzbuzz -1994 Crew
Pursuit -Comin' Rude Boy
DJ Skywalker -Time And Time
Unknown Artist -Dance Mother

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