Monday, 22 April 2013


The long awaited and much anticipated E.P by Stormski has finally arrived courtesy of Kode 5 Recordings. I'm a huge fan of this producer since hearing a track called 'You Better Move' by him about a year or so ago, ever since then, I eagerly await new soundcloud clips of his new productions which encapsulate the uplifting 1992 sound to perfection while combining today's modern sounds, lets go through these 3 tunes because they're pretty damn special, I fully expect you to have bought all 3 of them by now after watching the video above!!!

1.'Driving Me Crazy' leans towards the housier side of old skool hardcore, a real summery tune with infectious vocals and wait for the drop....Boom!!! One for the 80's kids who like me will recognise the samples being used here, this is simply a massive tune, it's tempo allows it to sit nicely in either an old skool or a house set and no doubt, this ones going to cause some serious damage on the dancefloor!!!

2.'Dream Of Heaven', I remember hearing a clip of this last summer and I was just so blown away by it, I still am. Utilising what I refer to as the 'Cats Wiskas' piano melody which is just crazy infectious and adding in the vocals as used famously by Sunshine Productions for a devastatingly good modern rave anthem. I don't advocate drug use as I'm T Total myself but I'm pretty sure if you were at a rave dropping a few naughty ones, this is going to give you some serious tingles!!!

3.'Sanctuary Of Love' is also loved up piano hardcore at it's finest, I could hear the likes of Slipmatt and Seduction dropping this bad boy back in the good old days, happy and energetic vibes on this banger!!!!

This is true old skool with the Hip Hop sensibilities that those glorious tunes had, all about throwing it all in the blender and making unpretentious good fun party anthems. All in all, one of the finest releases this year so far, thats enough of my rambling, go and get these!!!

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