Friday, 26 April 2013

Resin-Substance L.P-Good Times Recordings

INCREDIBLE RAVE BREAKS ALBUM FROM RESIN! Keeping the rave alive this is one hell of a collection. Grab the full album and support this wicked talent.

After several releases from Resin on GTR, we get a full album from this immensely talented producer for the first time, taking us on a journey through breaks, hip hop, old skool and nu skool all rolled into Resin's unique style, this is an album for the party crew!!!!

From the opening track 'Set Me Free' with its wicked chopped up samples of well-known old skool classics set over a pounding break and uplifting pianos to tough, stomping hoover laden tracks like 'So Much Devotion' and 'Move And Then Jump' through to house influenced stormers like 'I'm The One' and 'Make 'Em Clap To This' and 1993 hardcore techno influenced tunes such as 'Need It Tonight' and 'Dream With Me', this whole 13 track album is loaded with bangers from the man!!!

Resin's signature infectious, Summery pianos and hip hop vox feature prominently on all the tunes along with those tight, pumping beats that make you want to throw those hands in the air and go mad on the dancefloor, if you are an old skool lover, there's plenty to jog your memories and make you smile, if you are a nu skool lover, this needs to be in your collection and playing loudly and repeatedly on your stereo. Summer is officially here with this album of killer joints and there simply isn't an excuse for you anymore not to get to know one of the best hardcore breaks producers in the scene today!!!!

This is a album that is indeed full of substance!!!

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