Friday, 26 April 2013

Rolling Paper - The Urgent EP-Boomsha Recordings

Massive shout out to Boomsha for bringing us a general release by this hugely talented producer and wow, what a great 3 tracker!!! each of the 3 tunes take an RnB classic and fuse it with bad boy future junglistic beats, in fact its kinda like a melting pot of dub, 94 Jungle and Hip Hop/RnB and damn its good!!!

'When I'm With You' takes a well known RnB tune which I just can't put a name too but I know I heard it all the time around the late 90s and turns it into an atmospheric jungle roller with wicked sweeping chords.

'I Get So High' takes the sultry breathless vocals of Toni Braxton and imagines them perfectly in a future jungle fashion with some speaker rumbling bass which we always like!! Try mixing this with Phuture Asassin's 'Unbrake My Hardcore' for a killer combo of tunes to rock the crowd!!!

'Live Like You Have' just has the sickest intro I've heard for ages and amazing organ like bass, a perfect set opener.

Boomsha and Rolling Paper deliver with a massive massive E.P, Hip Hop and Jungle haven't sounded so good together since the late 90's, more fire from this awesome imprint!!!

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