Monday, 15 April 2013

The Deep In The Underground Show 13.4.13

Turntable Actor Chloroform-Oldschool Warriors 7  
KamBelt -Ruff Cut 1992 
Amiga Junglism-Jaffa Cake
DJ AitcH -Jungle Soundz (Original Mix)  
Backdraft-Revolution (Vinyl Junkie Remix)  
Kill The Noise -Jump Ya Body (601’s I Wonder If This Will Sound Better With An Amen Re Edit)
Thorn On A Rose & PELiGRO - King Of Sound System  
Menace-One Dove  
RESIN - Hold Me Down 
DJ Twista -Wound Up  
DJ Nicky Allen -Tutti Frutti
DJ Ziyad-Music Grooves So Wonderful  
Ranking Joe-Down By The Riverside(Skanx Remix)  
Disrupta-Giving It All I Got [Sound Shifter Remix)
Redshift & Vic B-Psycho 
DJ Mark C-In 2 The Groove  
Mr Sin -The Lift (Outer Time Remix)  
Alton X - Choices  
Pursuit-Everybody Shake Your Body  
Rocksted E - Transmogrify  
KamBelt -You & Me  
Outer Time -That Jungle-Tekno One  
Leonized-Whatever You Want..  
Yell O Phase - Sunday (Feeling Like Friday Mix)

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