Friday, 5 April 2013

Visible Sound - Therapy Sessions Volume 1-Digital Acetate

Visible Sound has pulled out all the stops for a really classy 4 tracker on his own Digital Acetate, well received by all and undoubtedly the label's finest hour to date, a hefty feat in itself when a string of such high quality EPs have preceded this.

I'll take you track by track so you know exactly just why you need this,  first up is....

Warrior's Way has a warm, subtle intro with soulful South Asian vocal snippets that build into a magnificent drop, the main part of the track features deep low bass over emotive, spatial pads

Darkest Waters takes us back to the minimal mid 90's sound of Alex Reece and other similar DnB producers of the time, late night hypnotic beats punctuated by heavy subs, subtle, but ever so slightly menacing

Serene Awakening is my personal favourite, it's that wonderful piano lead and the way the drums slowly filter in for some superb 144bpm Jazz n Bass, a classic blissful sunshine drenched VS Production

Inner Fears carrys on with the South/East Asian influenced soundscapes with a looping Sitar over some tough skippy drums and the Asian vox that continue to build and build for a tough driving roller with haunting melodys

If you haven't already, check out the clips above and go and get a copy of this absolutely essential release

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