Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Digitally Mashed Pres The Top Drawer Digital Show Live 02.04.13

Visible Sound - Warriors Way
Time Travel - Dimension
4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Drowning In Her (Schoco's High Feeling Remix)
Cryogenics - Invisible Shadow (Original Mix)
Lucas - Incongruous
Rolling Paper Voices Inside My Head (Bay B Kane Vip Remix)
Lucider - Play It
Sixfootunda - War Is In The Dance
Lucas Feat Kim Acrylic - Doom Of My Core
Curious - Trip 2 The Moon
Psyops - The Bee (Future VIP)
Skanx (Aka 6blocc) - Boom (Original)
The Rumblist - Forever Sleep (Original Mix)
DJ Solo - Darkage (Sound Shifter 2013 Remix)
Manion - They Don't Know About That
Strangenotes - I Dont Think So
Sanxion & Vj - Talk Too Much - Talk Too Much
DJ Twista - Wound Up
Blackbox - I Don't Know Anybody Else (Zombie Robot Remix)
Original Primate - Resonator (Original Mix)
DJ Chemistry - Movement Of Rastafari (Radiokillaz Remix)
Prodigy & Jurassik Vs. Vinyl Junkie - Wha No Good
AC Slater - Ass Drop (601 Amen Re-Edit)
Ben Venom - Destroyer (Original Mix)
Strange Rollers - Break It Down
Sixfootunda - This Is A Kill

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