Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sanxion - A Non Euclidean Subspace-Warehouse Wax

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Warehouse Wax are proud to present a long awaited release from the man like Sanxion, who must surely be the most prolific artist in the ever-growing Future Jungle scene having released EP's on Billy 'Daniel' Bunters Slaughter House Rydims imprint as well as the mighty Sub Slayers label. Not to mention the fact that he has featured on untold compilations and remixed for just about everybody else within the scene. Now the time has come for him to drop his groundbreaking new EP which features 4 monstrous cuts that have been doing serious damage for the last few months on dubplate.
The genre defying 'You Bitches Aint Got Shit On Me' kicks the EP off with something a bit different from his usual style with its massive 4 to the floor kickdrum and an infectious riff that unashamedly borrows its melody from the early days of rave, all the while staying within the boundaries of Bass Music. 'Robot House' is a piano anthem that never fails to tear the roof off. 'A Short Story About Love' is a typical Sanxion Dubstep / Jungle crossbreed number which nods towards the oldskool with pitched up vocals and an enchanting pad section. 'Move Tour Body To Me' delivers more of the same with a ruffer tear-out Future Jungle feel. In a nutshell, this EP is not to be missed. 

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